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2018 Polaris® 800 SKS 146 2.25 Peak


The 800 SKS 146 is the ultimate deep snow crossover snowmobile. It offers both instantaneous lift when off-trail in the deep snow, as well as smooth handling and cornering when on-trail.

Features may include:
  • Rider-Balanced AXYS® Chassis

The AXYS® chassis for the SKS 146 provides rider balanced characteristics for the crossover rider. This sled offers both instantaneous lift when off-trail in the deep snow, as well as smooth handling and cornering when on-trail. The rider is placed into a balanced position on the sled so it rides flat through the corners. When the trail gets rough or the rider jumps off into the powder, rider balance enables the rider to move back and make the front end light to climb up on top of the snow or the moguls: Purpose-built for crossover riding, Provides improved sidehilling & faster, easier climbing, Upon acceleration, sled gets instantaneous lift & stays on top of the snow, Aluminum overstructure is lightweight & durable for all types of riding

  • IGX 146 Rear Suspension

The IGX – Ideal Geometry Xover – Rear Suspension delivers a smooth ride and outstanding handling on all terrain and in all snow depths and conditions: IGX Rear Suspension features optimized geometry to control pitch, Minimal bottoming & drag off-trail, Rail beam is tipped for optimal performance

  • Proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine

Developed in conjunction with the AXYS platform, the proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine delivers +10% increase in power-to-weight ratio and quicker throttle response to generate instantaneous lift. The integrated mounting position optimizes the balance of the chassis. Featuring: Grooved piston for improved durability and engine life, 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valves for increased power and responsiveness, Electronic oil pump for reduced throttle effort and improved durability, Thermostat with bypass warms up to operating temperature 40% faster and improves durability, High-efficiency intake and exhaust for improved breathability, which increases power, Exclusive VForce Reeds for more power and improved reed life, Lightweight crankshaft that`s more durable, 2.5 lbs lighter and has 25% less inertia

  • 3-Stage Electronically-Controlled Exhaust Valves

Valve operation increases power, responsiveness & efficiency, Ensures the most effective exhaust evacuation, Precise operation helps optimize fuel burn

  • Electronic Oil Pump

Precise oil delivery reduces throttle effort, Reliable oil delivery for best performance & improved durability, Dependable oil delivery in all riding conditions

  • High-Efficiency Intake and Exhaust

Improved breathability, Less Restriction = More Power, Optimized airflow enhances fuel burn & exhaust evacuation

  • VForce Reeds

Petal design optimizes airflow to produce more power, Design enhances power across the power band, Reduced reed petal wear produces extended reed life

  • Lightweight Crankshaft

Low-inertia crankshaft enhances class-leading power-to-weight ratio, 2.5 lb. lighter + 25% less inertia = Better Acceleration, Design also increases durability, Proven in Polaris Racing sleds since Model Year 2014

  • 800 H.O. Grooved Piston

Exhaust side grooves improve oil distribution, Enhanced oiling improves piston & cylinder durability, Design reduces friction & wear, improves efficiency & power

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Year 2018
Model S18ELS8PS
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